Likeable Business


You can have a rock-solid business strategy, unlimited resources, and the most talented people on staff. But only one thing is guaranteed in today’s hyperconnected society: If your business isn’t likeable, it will fail.

Likeable Business lays out 11 strategies for organizations of all sizes to spur growth, profits, and overall success.

Dave Kerpen reveals the remarkable returns you’ll get when you gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders. In today’s social media world, it literally pays to be likeable. Likeable Business helps any leader at a small or mid-sized company increase profits and spur growth by applying the eleven principles of business likeability.

Likeability spreads. As a business leader, you set the tone. Be likeable and your staff will be likeable—which in turn creates a more likeable customer experience. The blueprint for everlasting business likeability is in your hands. Apply Kerpen’s basic principles day in and day out, and profits and growth are sure to follow.

It pays to be LIKEABLE!

Chapter 1
Listening: One Mouth, Two Ears, Many Opportunities

Chapter 2
Storytelling: Tell, Don’t Sell

Chapter 3
Authenticity: Just Be Yourself

Chapter 4
Transparency: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Chapter 5
Team Playing: There’s No “I” in Team (or Culture)

Chapter 6
Responsiveness: Taking Listening One Step Further

Chapter 7
Adaptability: Change or Perish

Chapter 8
Passion: Love the Work You’re With

Chapter 9
Surprise and Delight: Every Mistake is an Opportunity

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Gratefulness: The ROI of “Thank You”