Likeable Social Media

The secret to successful word-of-mouth marketing on the social web is easy: be likeable. Likeable Social Media provides 18 strategies for creating an authentic “brand personality” through Facebook and other social media platforms.

“Likeable Social Media cuts through the marketing jargon and technical detail to give you what you really need to make sense of this rapidly changing world of digital marketing and communications. Being human—being likeable—will get you far.  —Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications, Ford Motor Company”

A friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. Likeable Social Media shows you how to harness the power of the social web to become more responsive, transparent, likeable, and profitable.

Secrets on how to build a brand’s popularity by being authentic, engaging, and transparent on Facebook and other social media sites will be revealed. You’ll learn the same methods Dave has used to successfully redefine the brands of a number of large companies, including, Neutrogena, and Verizon FiOS.

Complete with serious strategies communicated with wit and humor, Likeable Social Media is the definitive source for using social media to win new customers, gather valuable feedback, and increase the bottom line. With Likeable Social Media, you’ll learn how to truly engage your customers and help them spread your message far and wide.

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Chapter 1: Listen First and Never Stop Listening
• Dave describes the importance of listening to your customers and others through social media.

Chapter 2: Way Beyond Women 25-54: Define Your Target Audience Better Than Ever
• With social media, the target audience can be more defined than ever before (Facebook ads, Twitter search, etc.)

Chapter 3: Think – and Act – Like Your Consumer
• How to get to the top of the Facebook newsfeed and why it’s so important.

Chapter 4: Compel Your Customers to Be Your First Fans
• Dave describes the importance of getting your already existing customers to “like” your page.

Chapter 5: Engage: Create True Dialogue With, and Between, Your Customers
• Feature your fans, hold contests, host specials, etc. to get your fans engaged with the page.

Chapter 6: Respond Quickly to All Bad Comments
• Make sure that all complaints are being heard; social media is the new form of customer service.

Chapter 7: Respond to Good Comments Too
•It is important to make sure that no voice goes unheard, let those who praise you know that they are appreciated.

Chapter 8: Be Authentic
• Don’t try to make your brand or company out to be something that it’s not; authenticity rules on social media.

Chapter 9: Be Honest and Transparent
• Honesty and transparency will build trust with your customers and in turn draw new customers towards your brand.

Chapter 10: Should You Ask a Lot of Questions?
• Questions are one of the best ways to get people involved with your page; let fans engage with you.

Chapter 11: Provide Value (Yes, for Free!)
• It is essential to give value to your audience without focusing on marketing yourself or your company at all.

Chapter 12: Share Stories (They’re Your Social Currency!)
• Let your fans know how your company got started, how you are involved in the community, unique employee stories, etc.

Chapter 13: Inspire Your Customers to Share Stories
• If your customers have a great story about your brand, let them share it by featuring them in unique ways.

Chapter 14: Integrate Social Media into the Entire Customer Experience
• Dave describes why it is powerful to include social media icons (FB, Twitter, etc.) onto your packaging, in store windows, etc.

Chapter 15: Use Social Network Ads for Greater Impact
• Connect to a thinly defined target audience to reach a specific group of people and make them feel as though you’r speaking to


Chapter 16: Admit When You Screw Up then Leverage Your Mistakes
• Use social media as the main channel to admit when things go wrong, then clearly define how you will fix the problem, then show the community what you are doing to leverage.

Chapter 17: Consistently Deliver Excitement, Surprise, and Delight
• By exceeding customer’s expectations through social media, you can consistently make them happy through excitement, surprise, and delight.

Chapter 18: Don’t Sell! Just Make it Easy and Compelling for Customers to Buy
• Social media should not be used as a means to selling your product, brand, or company, it should just simply make it easier and more appealing for them to buy.


Conclusion: Just Be Likeable

Appendix: A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks Which Matter Most
• Dave goes over best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs.