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What Are Some Male Sexual Disorders?

Almost everyone who is sexually intimate with another person sooner or later experiences some sex problems, often resolved by better communication and closer sharing of likes and dislikes.

Sexual health is defined as “the ability of two people to relate with each other sexually in a way that satisfies and rewards both.”

For many people, this simple definition is colored by unrealistic expectations. Despite a new attitude to sexual relationships, some men still equate good sex with “scoring,” “going all the way” or the speed with which they can attain erection.

Failure to live up to expectations (their own or their partner’s) may produce profound anxiety. Some people define a satisfying sexual encounter solely in terms of intercourse, even though sexual pleasure can be achieved in countless other ways.

sex encounter

Rundown of some sexual disorders in men:

* Sex problems in the desire stage involve a disinterest in sexual activity or in a specific partner, sometimes because busy, over-scheduled people don’t have the time or occasion to relax and enjoy sex.

Sex aversion – an extreme form of sexual disinterest – may involve intense fear of any sexual intimacy, usually with deep-seated psychological origins.

* Sexual dysfunction in the arousal or excitement phase means the inability to become aroused, perhaps because of negative parental attitudes to sex, an unpleasant early sexual experience, sex abuse, an off-putting relationship, misinformation or performance pressure. Sex therapy is usually the solution.

Sex therapy

* Dyspareunia – genital pain before, during and after intercourse – may be due to penile vascular problems or a tight foreskin that won’t retract during intercourse.

It can also arise for psychological reasons. The problem needs medical attention and is usually remediable.

* Early or premature ejaculation, afflicting 30 percent of men at some time or other, is an orgasmic disorder where men ejaculate sooner than they wish to.

premature ejaculation

It arises from inadequate control over the timing of ejaculation and the responses that trigger it or because of infrequent ejaculation – if men haven’t had sex for a while.

One sex therapist explains that it often happens if men “lose touch with their orgasmic sensations” and is a common problem. She adds that: “Timing ejaculation is learned and takes practice.”

The dysfunction is often remedied by more frequent ejaculation (whether by intercourse or masturbation) and appropriate individual or couple therapy.

There are also natural herbal medications that are supposed to help reduce premature ejaculation. For example, some herbs have been shown in studies to help with premature ejaculation, as well as with other sexual dysfunctions.

ProSolution Plus

* Inhibited male orgasm (IMO) is the inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Men with IMO often manage to ejaculate and reach orgasm by masturbation but not with vaginal intercourse.

Some therapists believe IMO stems from fear of intercourse, an unwillingness to perform on demand or anxiety about not satisfying a partner. A man may find his orgasm inhibited because he fears loss of control during intercourse, because he’s put off by a woman’s touch or, in some instances, because he does not want to have sex with a particular woman.

This type of sexual dysfunction is more difficult to treat than premature ejaculation, often requiring intensive psychotherapy.

* Erectile dysfunction -a common male sex problem Erectile dysfunction – previously called impotence – is a droopy denouement to many an otherwise happy relationship.

Defined as the “inability or waning inability to achieve and sustain an erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse,” it afflicts many men at some time or other. (The term “impotence” has now been dropped because of its pejorative connotations.)

Accurate statistics on erectile troubles are elusive. One study reports that as many as 16 percent (another that 34 percent) of healthy young men in their prime have occasional erectile failure.

Manufacturing companies who supply erectile devices and male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus estimate that one in 10 men has erectile difficulties at some point. An array of new drugs, devices and surgical procedures can now help to overcome the problem. Increasingly doctors are recommending natural male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus.

erectile dysfunction

Once thought to be “all in the head”- or as Sigmund Freud put it, of “psychic origin”- erectile dysfunction is no longer considered to be purely psychological.

Erectile difficulties don’t fit neatly into psychological versus physical pigeonholes. While organic reasons underlie many types of erectile dysfunction, the problem usually also has psychological overtones.

In older men, well over half the erectile difficulties have contributory physical causes – such as diabetes. atherosclerosis, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, the use of certain medications, or marriage problems. Failure to achieve erection because of a physical cause is often worsened by anxiety.

Sometimes what starts out as a sporadic organic dysfunction can develop into a psychological hang-up owing to performance fears.

For example, a man with atherosclerotic build-up in his penile arteries may experience occasional erectile failure, which in turn leads to anxiety about nonperformance, exacerbating the problem.

performance anxiety

Tests for erectile capacity:

For men who can’t achieve or keep an erection, the first priority is a complete medical exam and tests to rule out hormone deficiencies, treatable diseases, alcoholism or the possible influence of medications. Physicians also do a psychological work-up.

* The nocturnal penile tumescence test is a recent innovation that avoids the need for hospital investigation. It tests the occurrence and frequency of night-time erections.

Most men normally have several nightly erections related to different sleep stages. The nocturnal penile tumescence test is a long name for the simple device of wrapping a bit of tape with small string binders around the penis while the man sleeps.

If the tiny strings holding the tape together break at night, the man is clearly capable of erection, ruling out an organic cause.

* Measuring, penile activity in men watching erotic videos, with devices attached to the penis. If an erection occurs, it suggests that the man is dysfunctional only in certain, not in all situations, and likely has a psychological problem.

* Tests for penile blood vessel disorders and restricted blood flow -an increasingly recognized cause of erectile failure are done with ultrasound, arteriography (X-rays taken with injected dye) and cavernostomy (with saline solution infused into the penis).

* Injecting papaverine is another test of erectile capacity, where the drug is injected into the erectile tissue of the penis. In men with normal blood flow, papaverine dilates the blood vessels and induces erection.


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