VigRx Plus Ingredients 2018

What Are the Ingredients in VigRx Plus?

What’s the difference between VigRx Plus and the hundreds of other male enhancement pills you see advertised today?

After all, many of them list the same kinds of ingredients.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

First of all, the ingredients in VigRx Plus are real. They are actually in the pills.

Most of the other pills say they have the ingredients in them but they don’t. Yes, they are scams. What a shocker in this industry.

Second, even if some of these other pills do contain some of the ingredients they say they have, you can be sure they’re of poor quality.

And the dosages of these ingredients are probably too weak to make much difference anyway.

The ingredients in VigRx Plus are not only thoroughly tested for purity and strength, but there’s a strong enough dose in each pill to actually have a positive effect upon your sexual system.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

When I’m talking about male enhancement pills, I’m not talking about pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis. The ingredients in these pills are not natural. They are filled with chemicals.

Anything with chemical ingredients can create negative side effects.

And there are plenty of bad side effects associated with these kinds of pills. Some are just annoying, like facial flushing, headaches, and nasal congestion.

But some are more serious. Over 2,000 men have died while taking these pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction pills.

Also, if you’re under the age of 40, do you really want to be taking a prescription medication to get a hard enough erection to have intercourse?

These types of pills are for old men!

side effects

Before trying pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra and Cialis, I recommend trying a legitimate natural product like VigRx Plus first.

Instead of putting dangerous chemical ingredients into your body, you’ll be taking only the purest, most fresh herbal and aphrodisiacal ingredients found in China, South America, and Europe.

These ancient ingredients have helped men perform sexually for thousands of years.

And now modern science has combined with this ancient wisdom to create the powerful formula found in Vigrx Plus. The VigRx Plus formula is far more powerful than anything the ancients ever took!

VigRx Plus was first launched in 2000, so it’s been around for a while. That’s quite a track record in an industry that sees products come and go in the blink of an eye.

And over the years the VigRx Plus formula has evolved and become more effective. The 2017 version is the most potent yet!

When you order VigRx Plus, this is what the pills look like. (Click on the image to go to the official website).

Please remember, VigRx Plus was not designed to make your penis bigger. Pills cannot do that.

But the ingredients in VigRx Plus will help you achieve and maintain a hard enough erection to have satisfying sex. This is what “male enhancement” means in this case.

OK, So What Are The VigRx Plus Ingredients?

Before listing the ingredients in VigRx Plus, please remember that many so-called male enhancement pills say they contain a lot of the same ingredients.

In almost every case, they are either flat-out lying or exaggerating the quality and/or dosage of their ingredients.

The ingredients in VigRx Plus are pure and fresh and each pill contains a strong dosage. The ingredients include:

Epimedium – Also known as “Horny Goat Weed”, this is one of the most important ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine.

VigRx Plus Natural Herbs Ingredients

Epimedium contains a compound called icariin. To put it simply, icariin helps blood flow throughout the body.

Increased blood flow is great for every part of your body, but it’s especially important for getting an erection. As you may know, an erection occurs when blood fills the penis.

There’s also evidence that icariin increases the body’s production of testosterone, which is the most important male sex hormone. There’s a good reason why “Horny Goat Weed” is so famous!

Ginkgo Biloba—This is another Chinese herb that increases the flow of blood. It has a reputation for helping cognitive function and memory, but that’s because it allows more blood to flow to the brain.

But it also allows more blood to flow to the penis, resulting in stronger erections!

penile erection

Asian Red Ginseng—Yet another Asian herb, this ingredient is now very popular in the United States. There are numerous studies that show Asian Red Ginseng increases sex drive, sperm count, and erection strength.

One very large study showed that men who took this ingredient were able to get erections much more easily and quickly compared to men who took a placebo.

Cuscuta Seed—A well-known study of this herb carried out a few years ago proved that taking Cuscuta improves sperm count and concentration. This ingredient has long been used to help men who are experiencing erectile difficulties.

Saw Palmetto—The berries of this herb were used by Native Americans to treat urinary tract infections and to increase sperm count. The most popular use of this herb today is to treat prostrate problems.

As far as erectile problems, saw palmetto has shown to be effective in raising testosterone levels. Testosterone is an extremely important hormone which regulates sexual activity.


Muira Pauma—This South American aphrodisiac is found in the Brazilian rainforest. For many centuries, native Brazilians have referred to this plant as “erection root” and “potency wood.”

In case you haven’t figured it out, Muira Pauma helps men get hard erections!

Catuaba Bark—This is another South American herb. Native Brazilian tribes drink tea made from this bark to boost libido and experience erotic dreams. Studies have shown that Catuaba Bark increases blood flow and stimulates the “pleasure centers” of the brain.

Hawthorne Berry—Hawthorne is a medicinal herb that is an effective long-term treatment for heart disease. It’s great for cardiovascular health. Remember, erections occur because blood is being pumped into the penis, so the heart is a very important part of that process.

VigRx Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris—This powerful herb stimulates testosterone production, which makes it very popular among body-builders and athletes. But another benefit of raised testosterone levels is increased libido, fertility, and overall sexual health.

Damiana—The leaves of this plant were used as an aphrodisiac by the Ancient Mayans of Mexico. It works quickly to bring oxygen to the genital area. Long-term use can greatly increase sexual fitness and health.

BioPerene—The makers of VigRx Plus recently added this ingredient to their product. Basically, Bioperene helps the body absorb the other ingredients in VigRx Plus more quickly and efficiently.

Studies have shown that combining Bioperene with other natural ingredients increases the absorption rate by 30%. This means that the effects of VigRx Plus will be felt faster.


VigRx Plus is the only male enhancement pill that contains Bioperene.

The ingredients in VigRx Plus pack a powerful punch when combined together. But if you try out this product and decide that it’s not for you, you can always return it and get a full refund.

That’s right. You have 67 days to try it out. If you’re not happy with the results, just return the empty VigRx Plus containers and you’ll get your money back.

money back guarantee

As I mentioned before, the company that makes this product has been around for over 15 years and has received no complaints.

You will get your money back if you ask for a refund.

But you must order VigRx Plus from the official website in order to be eligible for the refund.

The banner below will take you to the official website and, as you can see, there’s a coupon code for 10% off on your purchase.

Make Volume Pills Part of Your Sexual Arsenal

February 4th, 2018

I was thinking about filming my own amateur pornography with my partner, but there was a problem. Whenever I ejaculated, not much semen came out.

It just doesn’t look good when only a little semen dribbles out. After all, the ejaculation is supposed to be the climax! More like anticlimax.

That’s when I decided to buy some Volume Pills. This is a natural dietary supplement that’s supposed to give a man more semen. I hear that real porn stars take it. If they use it, then why can’t I?

Volume Pills costs a little bit of money. But if it really worked then I’d happily pay for it. So I ordered a couple of bottles and started taking it.

Volume Pills Made Me Ejaculate Like a Porn Star

Long story short—Volume Pills really works! I think I at least tripled the amount of semen and sperm I was ejaculating. It was pretty amazing.

And my orgasms felt incredibly good. In fact, they were the best orgasms I’ve ever experienced in my life. They felt strong and lasted for a very long time; beautiful agony, as they say.


My partner was even more amazed than I was. She couldn’t believe how much cum I was spraying all over the place. I was really able to shoot my semen further than ever before, thanks to Volume Pills.

I started making my amateur pornography again. This time it looked really professional—at least as far as the cumshots went. I could be in better shape, but there’s not a pill for that.

Volume Pills is the Leading Semen Enhancer

Volume Pills isn’t some silly little product that no one’s ever heard of. Many thousands of men have bought this product over the years. It continues to be a bestseller for the company that manufactures it.

And why not? It really works and there aren’t any kind of bad side effects or anything negative at all. The only way this product could be better was if it were free. By the way, you can’t get this in stores. It’s something you can only purchase online.

I’ve tried a lot of natural male enhancement products, and Volume Pills is one of the best—maybe even the best. If you’ve never experienced enormous cumshots then you don’t know what you’re missing. It really, really feels amazing!

Can You Lose Weight with PhenQ?

February 3rd, 2018

An American journalist recently consulted several top cosmetic surgeons for their advice on her wrinkles and persistent fat. As she displayed her hips to one eminent doctor, he sighed and shook his head: she would never lose those bulges with diet and exercise alone. Why, even if she were marooned on a desert island, she would starve to death before the cellulite melted.

His words were ridiculous and offensive – how many love handles have you noticed in famine footage? – but in a thin-chasing culture they were also galvanizing. If not even starvation will make us skinny, what hope does “healthy eating” have? We are forced, we can then tell ourselves, to seek medical intervention.

And the fact is that innovative diet pills such as PhenQ have been proven to aid people in losing fat quickly. Unfortunately, help comes easiest and cheapest in the form of diet pills, which the Royal College of Physicians last week recommended should be subject to tighter controls by doctors. The report was a token of concern swimming hopelessly against the tide: we may fool ourselves that we are newly enlightened in what America calls “fat acceptance”, that we wouldn’t want Jessye Norman and Vanessa Feltz to lose an ounce, but as increasing numbers of British adults fail the latest obesity test (37in waist for women, 40in for men), we are desperate for cures. We already know that pills do not work in the long term, that the amphetamine-based ones are addictive, that diuretics and thyroid stimulators are discredited. Newer drugs such as fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine – a serotonin stimulator which induces feelings of calm wellbeing – offer yet more untested hopes and, inevitably, disappointment.

The hunger for a miracle diet like the fortune to be made by the pharmaceutical company which delivers it, is too huge to allow intelligent caution. The boom in diet medicine is like the race to space: unstoppable, fierce, a matter of reputations, Nobel prizes and national pride. Companies developing and marketing diet drugs have a vested interest in keeping fat models out of fashion, contradicting Susie Orbach, and persuading doctors that fat shortens life as surely as poison – and in not overplaying the serious side effects.

The use of drugs to solve an essentially behavioral problem has given surplus fat – even a few pounds of it – a place in line for a cure alongside cancer and Aids. Our willingness to delegate responsibility for our own health has turned greed and inertia into the business of laboratory researchers and government departments. If GPs cannot be prevailed upon for a prescription, there are private slimming clinics decorated like doctors’ surgeries, where unqualified people sell you a fix and a patina of clinical care – anything but the bottom-line truth that the minute the drugs are stopped, the weight comes home to gloat and brings its extended family.

All metabolic enhancers – herbal, organic or high-tech – are printed with the same soothing message: you are ill, not fat, swallow me and, like Alice, you will shrink to fit the world. Wishing to avoid my doctor’s high moral tone, I “borrowed” some pills from a friend a few years ago – 10 reddish capsules, priceless weapons in the armory of female self-loathing, handed over as if she were lending me her diamond earrings. I lived on giant bottles of diet cola, brown rice and multivitamins, could neither read nor write with any concentration, developed skin the color of musty rice paper and lost half a stone in a week, all the while knowing it was doomed and silly.

And yet in the grip of the thing, a great tidal whoosh of deranged optimism, world peace and Nelson Mandela’s release seemed nothing to dropping a dress size. The epilogue was a predictable mix of depression, fatigue and obsession with catching up on the lost calories and sleep; the result a rank failure. For while they lack the hip cachet and criminality of their more illicit cousins, diet drugs share the one great illusion of chemical mood enhancement – a feeling of smug superiority which flees with the dawn of reality.

Beyond the serotonin breakthrough there are great hopes for leptin, a hormone in the newly discovered fat gene, an ever-increasing range of surgical procedures, and a distant utopia of genetically engineered, calorie-resistant babies. Until that happens, we should view the pathologising of fat as the worst sort of paradox: an easy way out and a dangerous route; success on a plate and guaranteed failure. Outside the most extreme stomach-stapling, jaw-wiring cases, why should we wait like foolish, gullible children for the medical establishment to sell us a cure for something that was never an illness in the first place?

VigRx Oil Reviews – The Results Are In!

VigRx Oil is an amazing new product from the makers of VigRx Plus, widely acknowledged to be the #1 male enhancement pill sold today.

VigRx Oil is a topical lubricant that you apply to your penis right before sex. The all-natural ingredients are quickly absorbed into your penile tissue.

The result is an almost instantaneous erection!


This product is perfect for men who get a little nervous before sex. As we all know, nerves are the enemy of good sex.

Just before a sexual encounter, simply squeeze some of the gel into your hand. Then rub it into your penis.

Within a minute you’ll have a nice, hard erection!

This is what VigRx Oil looks like (click image to visit official website).

Vigrx oil

From the VigRx Oil reviews that are coming in, men are very happy with the results. According to a recent survey:

• 73% of men reported getting an erection in a minute or less after applying VigRx Oil.

• 91.67% of them reported having highly satisfying intercourse.

• 81.06% of men reported getting harder than usual erections.

• 85.04% of respondents said they experienced an increase in sexual desire after applying the oil.


The great thing about a product like this is that you’ll know pretty quickly whether you like it or not. And the makers of VigRx Oil give you 60 days to try it out.

If you don’t like it, just return the product and get a full refund.

The company that makes VigRx Oil has been around since the year 2000 and are very legitimate.

Take a look around the internet—you won’t find any complaints or consumer fraud warnings anywhere.

You will get your money back if you return the product. You really don’t have anything to lose, do you?

How Does VigRx Oil Work?

The natural ingredients in VigRx Oil work to relax and smoothen blood vessels. This allows more blood to flow more quickly into the penis.

An erection occurs when blood engorges the penis. The more blood, the harder the erection.

VigRx Oil is designed so the ingredients get absorbed very quickly into the penile tissue, stimulating blood flow and causing an erection.

vigrx oil reviews

The ingredients are 100% natural and don’t have any kind of negative side effects.

In fact, it’s recommended to apply VigRx Oil to your penis every day, because of the long-term benefits.

VigRx Oil is not greasy or smelly. It can be used with condoms. Oral sex is not a problem.

There are no kinds of artificial chemicals or anything like that in it.

VigRx Oil won’t get in the way of sex at all. All it does is give you a rock hard erection that will make any sexual encounter truly explosive!

orgasmic woman

Here’s a quick list of VigRx Oil ingredients. Again these are all natural and most of them have been used for hundreds, and even thousands, of years by men all around the globe.

Epimedium –This is the famous “Horny Goat Weed”. It’s a staple of Chinese traditional medicine and works to increase blood flow to the penis.

Cuscuta Seed—Men who are suffering from fertility problems are often given extract from this seed. It boosts sperm production and has also been shown to help with erectile issues.

Saw Palmetto—This popular ingredient stimulates production of the male sex hormone testosterone. The more testosterone we have, the harder our erections.

vigrx oil ingredients

Muira Pauma—This one is from Brazil, and has been used there for thousands of years to help men overcome erectile difficulties. Ancient tribes consider this a sacred herb because of its amazing aphrodisiacal powers!

Asian Red Ginseng—There have been some very promising studies about this herb. It has been shown to increase libido, erection strength, and fertility. In other words, it’s good for your entire sexual system.

Ginkgo Biloba—Many people use this Chinese herb to help their brains function better. Why? Because it allows more blood to go to the brain. But it also stimulates blood flow to the penis, resulting in hard erections.

Catuaba Bark—Found primarily in South America, the bark from the Catuaba tree was used by ancient tribes to stimulate erotic dreams. Studies have indicated that the compounds in this herb affect the pleasure center of the brain.

Hawthorne Berry—This ingredient is used all over the world to strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, which plays a key role in getting solid erections.

vigrx oil review

Plus, There Are Some Amazing Free Bonuses!

When you purchase VigRx Oil, you get the following free bonuses:

Semenax—This is a male enhancement pill that helps men achieve and maintain an erection. But it also stimulates the production of semen.

Basically, you’ll ejaculate a greater quantity of semen when you orgasm. This prolongs the pleasure of your orgasm because it takes longer to ejaculate.

Plus, it looks impressive when you shoot a massive load of cum!


$25 Gift Certificate to Natural Health Source—This is an online store that contains a variety of male enhancement products. You’re sure to find something here worth trying out.

Now here’s something kind of amazing. Remember I said you have 60 days to try VigRx Oil out and if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund?

Well, even if you return it you get to keep these free gifts!

That’s what it says at the official VigRx Oil website. It clearly states: “We will let you keep the free bonuses as a way of saying ‘thanks for trying us out.’”

Again, this company has been in business a long time without anyone posting a complaint.

If they were screwing people they wouldn’t last long and you could easily find complaints on the internet.


What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s face it. You’re reading this because you like sex and want more of it. Nothing wrong with that!

VigRx Oil will boost the confidence you have in your ability to perform sexually. The more confident you are the more sex you’re going to get.

It’s that simple.

Products like this can help you keep the fires burning in long-term relationships, or they can help you overcome any nerves you might have with new partners.

Add VigRx Oil to your sexual arsenal and become the stud you always wanted to be!

Treatments for Erectile Dsyfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects a great many men, especially over the age of 40. It can damage self-esteem as well as relationships. What are the treatments for this very frustrating problem?

If the erectile problem is mainly physical, drugs such as VigRx Plus, hormones or devices may be the answer. If it has psychological aspects, sex therapy and counselling may help.

If the erectile problem can’t be traced to a definite reason the man may be offered therapy with VigRx Plus, devices and counselling, regardless of its cause.

For some men, mechanical devices or drugs can restore enough confidence to sustain erections without them after a while. Since drugs and devices won’t overcome intimacy problems, sex therapy is often also suggested.

Mechanical erection-producing devices:

Penile prostheses of various kinds can restore erectile capacity without disturbing libido, ejaculation or orgasm, although they don’t enlarge the penis beyond its natural size. There are devices that actually do enlarge the penis, such as penis extenders.

Perhaps the most well-known penis extender is the SizeGenetics device. It is uncertain whether enlarging your penis with something like SizeGenetics can help overcome erectile dysfunction.


Vacuum devices (such as Penomet), placed on the flaccid penis, increase blood flow via a side arm that withdraws air and creates a vacuum into which blood flows.

The basic model contains a soft plastic tube that fits over the penis and a handheld pump. A rubber band is wrapped around the bottom of the penis to stop blood flowing out. The cylinder is removed during intercourse and the blood drawn into the penis keeps it erect.

“A man can get a good enough erection for penetration, but it’s not rock hard,” says one University of Toronto expert. “Some love the vacuum devices and others hate them. However, it takes practice to use them deftly.” They are rather cumbersome and may dim sensation, detracting somewhat from their popularity.


Permanent penile implants come in inflatable or non-inflatable models that are semi-rigid and can be bent down to seem more natural when not in use. The more complex the mechanical device the more likely it is to break down or malfunction.

Inflatable models – inflated for sex then deflated afterwards are the most popular and operate more like the real thing. One model is composed of two inflatable tubes put into the shaft of the penis with a fluid reservoir in the abdomen and a pump in the scrotum. Squeezing the pump moves fluid into the penis.

penile implant

Penile implants are a last resort as surgical insertion destroys some erectile tissue. Candidates must be in good health, have a high sex drive, good penile sensitivity and a desirous sex partner.

It is imperative that the couple be assessed for suitability and well informed about the benefits and risks. The risks include infection – requiting removal – swelling and pain.

Sex therapy can also help. Sex therapists are trained professionals such as physicians, social workers, psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists skilled in the art of helping people work through the guilt, hang-ups, worries, anger, sexual myths and misconceptions that bedevil our sex lives.

Sex therapy is particularly useful for dysfunctions that involve performance fears, relationship conflicts and spectatoring (observing oneself and one’s responses rather than participating in the event).

A non-directed “sensate focus,” in which the goal is sensuous pleasure rather than intercourse, often helps couples overcome conflicts around mismatched sexual desire or a lack of “connectedness.” The couple learns to approach sexual intimacy as mutual pleasuring rather than as intercourse or orgasm.

By concentrating on sensual play – neither partner being pressured or expected to become aroused – sensate locus exercises can often override performance anxieties and communication hurdles.

As neither partner expects to become sexually aroused, the couple learns to relax and playfully explore what gives the other pleasure. Each shows the other what kinds of touching he or she enjoys, where the most erotic places are, communicating verbally or by directing the partner’s hand. The exercises work equally well for gay, lesbian or straight couples.

The PLISSIT model of sex therapy, developed about 20 years ago, is based on the premise that many people benefit from the simplest of counselling – even just being permitted to talk about their erectile, desire or other problems. Reassurance, support and information are often enough to reverse a sex problem without intensive psychotherapy.

The acronym PLISSIT refers to four basic stages:

* Permission Giving (P) – permitting people to talk about their sex troubles, fantasies, fears or wishes;
* Limited Information (LI) – often used together with permission giving – providing some basic information (perhaps about erotic zones and genital anatomy) but no specific advice;
* Specific Suggestions (SS) – given for specific sex problems for instance telling someone with premature ejaculation what might slow things down or suggesting that someone with performance anxiety might try sensate focus exercises;
* Intensive Therapy (IT) – required by the relatively few with deeply-rooted psychological sex problems.

Sex therapy plissit

The first steps of permission giving and limited information are often enough to resolve a sex problem. Many of us occasionally get the feeling that what we are doing sexually is perverted, deviant or wrong.

All we may need is reassurance or someone to say, “If you are comfortable with it, carry on.” Once a sex problem has been pinpointed, its solution may be obvious to those versed in human sexual behavior.

Please note: A sex therapist should never ask you:

* to take off your clothes, unless for a medical examination;
* to engage in any type of sexual activity with or without your partner in the therapist’s presence.

Sex Therapist

The Effects of GenF20 Plus on Children’s Growth

Can human growth hormone supplements like GenF20 Plus help children who are malnourished and underweight? Products like GenF20 Plus are totally natural, so they should pose no health risks to children, but can they be effective in promoting growth and development? According to the website, the answer could be yes.

human growth hormone

Malnutrition is the most common cause of somatomedin deficiency in children, whether it is due to insufficient intake or to malabsorption.

Children with diabetes frequently have high blood levels of HGH and low levels of somatomedin, suggesting some sort of resistance. In Laron dwarfism, circulating HGH levels are somewhat elevated, but somatomedin levels are low and do not rise following administration of human growth hormone releasers like GenF20 Plus.

Lack of response to normal or high levels of HGH produced from GenF20 Plus may also result from a receptor defect, but such an evaluation is much too difficult to have any practical significance at this time.

Medically, therapy with a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser such as GenF20 Plus is clearly indicated for any child with confirmed growth hormone (HGH) deficiency. But treatment with GenF20 Plus may not always be appropriate or even effective for children whose short stature stems from other causes.

GenF20 Plus

At the currently recommended dosage of GenF20 Plus you would expect a positive response in only 40%-50% of carefully selected children. If that dosage were doubled, the projected positive response would go up only to about 70%.

Theoretically, HGH in higher-than-physiologic dosages will stimulate any child’s growth. It would seem, then, that given enough GenF20 Plus, any child will grow more rapidly and become taller. But we don’t know how much growth hormone it will take and for how long.

While some physicians take the extreme position that it may be justified to initiate HGH therapy using GenF20 Plus for any child in the bottom three percentiles on the standard growth charts, regardless of growth rate, many authorities are far more conservative.

Indeed, the committee of The Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society, after discussing this problem, ultimately concluded that:

* The only established indication for HGH therapy is growth hormone deficiency.

* More data are needed to determine which short, non-GH deficient children will respond to therapy.

* The safety of pharmacologic doses of HGH for non-GH-deficient children has not been established.

Where an HGH deficiency cannot be demonstrated, but the child’s growth rate and absolute height for age are below normal, try to determine the appropriateness of HGH therapy using GenF20 Plus. For likely candidates, give GenF20 Plus on a trial basis, usually for six months, to see whether the child’s growth can be accelerated to at least 2.5 cm (1 in) more than in the previous six months.

genf20 plus review

After that period, discontinue therapy using GenF20 Plus and see whether the child continues to grow at a normal rate during the next six months. You can then see and evaluate the effect of HGH.

At dosages of 0.1-0.2 unit/kg three times/wk, HGH releasers like GenF20 Plus do not seem to produce any harmful side effects in otherwise normal, non-HGH-deficient short children.

What Are Some Male Sexual Disorders?

Almost everyone who is sexually intimate with another person sooner or later experiences some sex problems, often resolved by better communication and closer sharing of likes and dislikes.

Sexual health is defined as “the ability of two people to relate with each other sexually in a way that satisfies and rewards both.”

For many people, this simple definition is colored by unrealistic expectations. Despite a new attitude to sexual relationships, some men still equate good sex with “scoring,” “going all the way” or the speed with which they can attain erection.

Failure to live up to expectations (their own or their partner’s) may produce profound anxiety. Some people define a satisfying sexual encounter solely in terms of intercourse, even though sexual pleasure can be achieved in countless other ways.

sex encounter

Rundown of some sexual disorders in men:

* Sex problems in the desire stage involve a disinterest in sexual activity or in a specific partner, sometimes because busy, over-scheduled people don’t have the time or occasion to relax and enjoy sex.

Sex aversion – an extreme form of sexual disinterest – may involve intense fear of any sexual intimacy, usually with deep-seated psychological origins.

* Sexual dysfunction in the arousal or excitement phase means the inability to become aroused, perhaps because of negative parental attitudes to sex, an unpleasant early sexual experience, sex abuse, an off-putting relationship, misinformation or performance pressure. Sex therapy is usually the solution.

Sex therapy

* Dyspareunia – genital pain before, during and after intercourse – may be due to penile vascular problems or a tight foreskin that won’t retract during intercourse.

It can also arise for psychological reasons. The problem needs medical attention and is usually remediable.

* Early or premature ejaculation, afflicting 30 percent of men at some time or other, is an orgasmic disorder where men ejaculate sooner than they wish to.

premature ejaculation

It arises from inadequate control over the timing of ejaculation and the responses that trigger it or because of infrequent ejaculation – if men haven’t had sex for a while.

One sex therapist explains that it often happens if men “lose touch with their orgasmic sensations” and is a common problem. She adds that: “Timing ejaculation is learned and takes practice.”

The dysfunction is often remedied by more frequent ejaculation (whether by intercourse or masturbation) and appropriate individual or couple therapy.

There are also natural herbal medications that are supposed to help reduce premature ejaculation. For example, some herbs have been shown in studies to help with premature ejaculation, as well as with other sexual dysfunctions.

ProSolution Plus

* Inhibited male orgasm (IMO) is the inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Men with IMO often manage to ejaculate and reach orgasm by masturbation but not with vaginal intercourse.

Some therapists believe IMO stems from fear of intercourse, an unwillingness to perform on demand or anxiety about not satisfying a partner. A man may find his orgasm inhibited because he fears loss of control during intercourse, because he’s put off by a woman’s touch or, in some instances, because he does not want to have sex with a particular woman.

This type of sexual dysfunction is more difficult to treat than premature ejaculation, often requiring intensive psychotherapy.

* Erectile dysfunction -a common male sex problem Erectile dysfunction – previously called impotence – is a droopy denouement to many an otherwise happy relationship.

Defined as the “inability or waning inability to achieve and sustain an erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse,” it afflicts many men at some time or other. (The term “impotence” has now been dropped because of its pejorative connotations.)

Accurate statistics on erectile troubles are elusive. One study reports that as many as 16 percent (another that 34 percent) of healthy young men in their prime have occasional erectile failure.

Manufacturing companies who supply erectile devices and male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus estimate that one in 10 men has erectile difficulties at some point. An array of new drugs, devices and surgical procedures can now help to overcome the problem. Increasingly doctors are recommending natural male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus.

erectile dysfunction

Once thought to be “all in the head”- or as Sigmund Freud put it, of “psychic origin”- erectile dysfunction is no longer considered to be purely psychological.

Erectile difficulties don’t fit neatly into psychological versus physical pigeonholes. While organic reasons underlie many types of erectile dysfunction, the problem usually also has psychological overtones.

In older men, well over half the erectile difficulties have contributory physical causes – such as diabetes. atherosclerosis, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, the use of certain medications, or marriage problems. Failure to achieve erection because of a physical cause is often worsened by anxiety.

Sometimes what starts out as a sporadic organic dysfunction can develop into a psychological hang-up owing to performance fears.

For example, a man with atherosclerotic build-up in his penile arteries may experience occasional erectile failure, which in turn leads to anxiety about nonperformance, exacerbating the problem.

performance anxiety

Tests for erectile capacity:

For men who can’t achieve or keep an erection, the first priority is a complete medical exam and tests to rule out hormone deficiencies, treatable diseases, alcoholism or the possible influence of medications. Physicians also do a psychological work-up.

* The nocturnal penile tumescence test is a recent innovation that avoids the need for hospital investigation. It tests the occurrence and frequency of night-time erections.

Most men normally have several nightly erections related to different sleep stages. The nocturnal penile tumescence test is a long name for the simple device of wrapping a bit of tape with small string binders around the penis while the man sleeps.

If the tiny strings holding the tape together break at night, the man is clearly capable of erection, ruling out an organic cause.

* Measuring, penile activity in men watching erotic videos, with devices attached to the penis. If an erection occurs, it suggests that the man is dysfunctional only in certain, not in all situations, and likely has a psychological problem.

* Tests for penile blood vessel disorders and restricted blood flow -an increasingly recognized cause of erectile failure are done with ultrasound, arteriography (X-rays taken with injected dye) and cavernostomy (with saline solution infused into the penis).

* Injecting papaverine is another test of erectile capacity, where the drug is injected into the erectile tissue of the penis. In men with normal blood flow, papaverine dilates the blood vessels and induces erection.


Drugs and Products for Erectile Dysfunction

* Testosterone replacement therapy, VigRx Oil or other drugs can correct some male hormone deficiencies.

* Volume Pills weren’t necessarily designed to treat erectile dysfunction, but some men report that this semen-enhancer boosts performance in the bedroom.

* Corrective surgery for venous leaks and arterial blockage can sometimes restore erectile ability.

* Yohimbine, a plant derivative that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and decreases blood outflow from penile tissue, is modestly successful in improving erectile capacity.

Side effects of the drug include facial flushing, tachycardia (racing heart), occasional panic attacks, low blood pressure and tremors. Natural male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus do not contain Yohimbine.


* Minoxidil, a vasodilatordrug sprayed onto the penis, may achieve erection in some.

* Papaverine, a self-injectable drug used since 1983, is a smooth muscle relaxant that increases arterial blood flow in the penis and restricts venous outflow.

Injected directly into the side of the penis just before intercourse, it produces an erection in 5-10 minutes, without disturbing ejaculation or orgasm.

Possible side effects of papaverine include dizziness, cardiac complications and a painful, prolonged erection lasting several hours – which requires medical relief measures.

The efficacy of papaverine may diminish with repeated injections and it occasionally leads to scarring. Therefore, it is now often used in combination with phentolamine and perhaps also prostaglandin E1 as “triple therapy,” with greater efficacy, reduced doses and fewer side effects. Some doctors are recommending certain natural herbs which can also create an erection very quickly.

* Newer drugs can be as effective as papaverine therapy and may be combined with it, but some users don’t find Vimax to be as effective as other forms of treatment.

Vimax pills

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Physical reasons:

* Medical disorders such as kidney impairment, liver cirrhosis, prostate disorders, alcoholism, Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis), Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

* Endocrine (hormonal) imbalances such as low testosterone output, thyroid disorders, hyperprolactinemia (excess prolactin hormone), Cushing’s syndrome and other adrenal gland disorders.

* Neurological problems such as spinal cord injury.

* Surgery for the prostate, bladder, or rectum (which may damage the nerves responsible for erection).

* Blood vessel disorders that restrict penile blood flow such as artery-narrowing due to atheroscierosis or veins that don’t clamp off to maintain erection. Penile veins that don’t close off properly allow blood to drain out and cause penile collapse – a condition sometimes repairable by surgery. The natural ingredients present in natural male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus are known for increasing blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis.

* Smoking tobacco – a major reason for erectile failure – because nicotine causes spasms in small penile arteries and also leads to atherosclerosis. Doctors now recommend using a vaporizer to protect the health of the body.


* Alcohol- another major cause – can leave a man unable to have an erection. Not realizing it’s due to alcohol, the man may fear some permanent disability or organic disease, creating intense anxiety.

People who down large volumes of liquor, or come home from work to pour themselves several drinks and collapse into the comfort of mental and physical detumescence may not be the sort to develop stable sexual relationships.

Drinking excess alcohol may also cause atrophy (shrinkage) of the testes and impair the mechanism that shunts blood into the penis.

drinking impotence

* A long list of medications can dampen erections, including antihistamines, antidepressants, marijuana, minor tranquillizers, cimetidine (for stomach ulcers), muscle relaxants and especially anti-hypertensives (blood pressure medications) – major culprits in causing impotence.

As many as 40 percent of men on diuretics and other blood pressure pills have erectile problems. They should consult their family physician about it.

Psychological reasons:

* Depression, anger, stress, fatigue, guilt, performance anxiety, job loss or impending exams.


* Childhood experiences of parental conflict, early sex abuse or disapproving, unjoyful attitudes to sex.

* A negative sex encounter that leaves a man full of self-doubts about his sexual competence. Even though a man may be perfectly capable of attaining erection, feelings of inadequacy may make him hesitate to attempt intercourse. The longer anxiety lingers, the greater the chance of a sex problem.

* Lack of privacy (at home or in student quarters).

* Poor communication with a partner, lack of access to natural male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus or VigRx Oil, fear of causing pregnancy, divergent views on what constitutes a happy sex life and varying perceptions of normality.

The film “Annie Hall” portrays a classic gender communication gap. When the therapist asks how often they have sex, the woman (Annie) replies: “All the time – three times a week,” while he (Woody) answers “hardly ever – only three times a week.”

erectile failure

Special Report on Private Health

A bugbear of every health care system, whether it is state-funded or based on private provision, is the difficulty of holding down costs. But although the NHS and the independent sector could both help themselves in that respect by collaboration in joint projects, there has been much more talk of this so far than real action.

Surveys carried out by the Royal Institute of Public Administration and the Nuffield Centre for Health Service Studies show that the most common form of interchange is the use of clinical facilities, such as pathology, radiology and pharmacy, with online stores buying services from the NHS rather than vice versa, writes David Loshak.

Nevertheless, at least a quarter of the 202 distinct health authorities in England and Wales have contracted out long-term care to the private sector. The reason for this has often been ‘creative accounting’, enabling health authorities to transfer a cost from an overstretched health budget to some other account.

Nevertheless, the public sector now spends Pounds 5 million a year spending seriously disturbed young people or private psychiatric units, such as AMI’s two units at Kneesworth, near Cambridge, and Langton House, Dorset, and the charity-based St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton. The facilities they provide are lacking in the NHS.

There have been fewer instances of acute care being contracted out to the private sector by the NHS, and nearly always the arrangement has been regarded by both sides as short-term. Even so, some 10,000 operations are contracted out each year to the private sector, with 60 private hospitals involved. But for the 400,000 operations a year in the private sector, the NHS waiting list of 650,000 would rise alarmingly.

Such arrangements, notes Williams Laing, in an Office of Health Economics report on Private Health Care, are ‘second order issues, an avenue of last resort when efforts at achieving an in-house solution fail’. But the interchanges have usually worked well, he observes.

It is beginning to look as if health authorities are now getting this message. There have been some major developments recently which foreshadow much greater collaboration between the two sectors in future.

A joint venture between St Bartholomew’s Hospital and American Medical International’s Portland Hospital for women and children will set up two test-tube baby units, providing 550 treatments a year, and saving the existing unit at Barts which has been threatened with closure.

Doctors and support staff will, for the first time, rotate between the public and private sectors.

This could set a pattern for the future in several areas where the NHS lacks resources. A potentially even more significant development has occurred at Guy’s, which has decided to contract out the management of its 47 NHS pay beds to the Hospital Capital Corporation.

The company will spend Pounds 4 million to upgrade the private wing and run it like a modern private hospital. Guy’s stands to make at least Pounds 200,000 a year out of its share of the profits.

In its last weeks, the outgoing government has welcomed this initiative and if the Conservatives return to power, similar ventures will be officially encouraged. There is clearly untapped commercial potential in NHS hospitals which private capital could do much to develop.

A recent paper on the NHS by the Centre for Policy Studies, which has had considerable influence on subsequent Conservative policies, suggests, for example, that district health authorities could raise private capital to build hospitals which could then be rented out.

Or there could be joint ventures between health authorities and private capital whereby expensive items of equipment could be financed and run by a private sector management company.

As it is, the independent hospitals are notable for having a lot of high technology equipment. This is an opportunity for NHS districts, which often lack the funds for such machinery but have a patient demand for it, to buy in the private sector facilities on a contractual basis.

During the election campaign, a major issue has been the length of NHS waiting lists, and here, too, there is scope for a co-operation between the two sectors.

BUPA Hospitals has suggested to local health authorities that it could help them reduce the queue of those waiting for acute operations. BUPA’s 11 hospitals, and almost all other private hospitals, are under-occupied at week-ends and holiday periods, so could well be used at such time by NHS patients.

The private sector has its eyes on the extra funds that have been earmarked by the Health Department for reducing waiting lists and see this as a development which could lead to closer collaboration all round.

In the longer run, this means a market environment in which the two sectors would constructively compete on equal terms, as well as co-operate, to provide the optimum service suited to each locality.

A major hurdle still to be overcome is the resistance to such change on the part of health authority members. But the new breed of NHS managers is alive to the opportunities, and in the longer run, given the encouragement and impetus from above, will move to exploit them.

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